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Author Gill Edwards describes Matrix Reimprinting as a doorway to a new reality.

Matrix Reimprinting by Sasha Allenby and Karl DawsonMatrix Reimprinting has been embraced by the world as the new and effective technique that enables life-transforming results. The Matrix Reimprinting book has sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide and has been released globally in 10 languages including German, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.   The first Matrix Reimprinting conference features International Author, Dr David Hamilton, Author and Biochemist, Rupert Sheldrake talking about the science behind Matrix Reimprinting and why is creates such amazing permanent transformation.

“EFT, was described by founder, Gary Craig, as the ground floor of the new healing high-rise. Matrix Reimprinting takes us up several floors on the skyscraper, so we can gaze at the stars” Author, Gill Edwards

What is Matrix Reimprinting?

Matrix Reimprinting was created by EFT Master Karl Dawson not to replace EFT but to enhance the way tapping techniques work with trauma and beliefs. In conventional EFT, when you are working with a specific memory you are tapping the meridian points whilst verbally tuning in and releasing attached emotion.  However, emotion can be re-experienced and much of the time we do not gain the full understanding of the negative beliefs that experiencing the event caused. It is these beliefs that cause further stress in life and that lead to physical and emotional issues.

With Matrix Reimprinting, we focus on releasing the emotion and then on identifying and transforming the stressful and life impacting negative beliefs that are attached. We enable people to change this information, gain new understanding and to create more positive and healthy beliefs. This is called reimprinting the information.

Many techniques have been offering a variation of this for many years including hypnotherapy and NLP however the beauty and difference of Matrix Reimprinting is that it has the understanding of Quantum physics and the New Sciences behind it to know why we work the way with do with this technique and what brings about the best results for the clients.  This is why Matrix Reimprinting incorporates working with the external energy fields and Morphic fields as well as working with the Meridian System, conscious and subconscious (unconscious) minds.

Matrix Reimprinting is completely client led and always respectful to the clients wishes. The practitioner is more of a supporter and facilitor and a good practitioner with always work alongside the client not dictate to the client. One of the biggest benefits the client receives from the Matrix Reimprinting is the empowerment to transform and have the confidence to do so. The technique naturally helps empower clients to have confident and choice in their life.

Can Matrix Reimprinting work alongside other therapeutic Modalities?

Although Matrix Reimprinting is a great stand-alone technique, there are many practitioners who choose to integrate Matrix Reimprinting into their therapeutic practice. This is because Matrix Reimprinting is such an adaptable and flexible technique that compliments other techniques beautifully. People who have included Matrix Reimprinting into their practices include, GP’s, Doctors, Surgeons, prison officers, psychiatrists, psychologists, hypnotherapists, NLP practitioners, Reiki Healers, Aromatherapists, reflexologists, sports injury practitioners, acupuncturists, aura therapists, crystal healers, homeopathy practitioners and many more.

Which type of issues can benefit from Matrix Reimprinting?

Matrix Reimprinting can offer benefit to many issues from physical and disease conditions to emotional and *psychological issues.   Some of the issues that practitioners work with frequently are:

Pain, PTSD, relationship issues, long term illness, physical problems, serious disease, addictions, fears and phobia’s, stress, negative beliefs and many more.

Matrix Reimprinting can also be used for overcoming blocks to success. Susie Shelmerdine was featured in the Matrix Reimprinting book having worked with a golf professional and many practitioners have had success working with clients on, building their businesses, gaining confidence, improving their skills and creating lives that they choose.

Watch EFT Master explain more about the Matrix Reimprinting Technique in this two part video

The benefits of Matrix Reimprinting Part 1 

The benefits of Matrix Reimprinting Part 2

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